St. Mary's Church.....Minerton, Ohio
Wilkesville...Vinton County
Cemetery and Baptism Records

--This site opened April 2000--
History of St. Mary's Church...Minerton, Ohio
By Philip Keck...1903
Minnie keck...1948

Search list of Tombstone transcriptions
Over 200 tombstones have been recorded...many of them
are no longer standing.

Search Baptism Records:
Included in Baptism Records...Name of Child, Parents & Sponsors...Date of birth and Date of Baptism.
in many cases, this was the only proof of birth.



Some early Baptisms  from 1842--44--46--64--65--66

Photos & Family Histories ...

tThis site opened September 30, 2000 and is dedicated to
my mother,
Mabel Agnes Daugherty,
Daughter of Daniel Daugherty & Sarah Hoctor,
Granddaughter of Timothy Hoctor & Mary Ellen Murphy
Granddaughter of John Daugherty & Elizabeth Moran
Born & raised in Minerton .