Early Baptism Records for "Minerton Mission" 
1842 - 1864
Minerton, Vinton County, Ohio

Early Baptism Records

Sacramental Records at the Church of the Nativity, Portsmouth, Ohio
have some with a notation that they were preformed at the Wilkesville ( Minerton) Mission.

The Following Baptisms were entered by Father O'Mealy 

At Quinn's Settlement:
Aug 25, 1842:

Patrick Henry of Daniel Quinn & Catherine Hass...Sponors were John Carr & Margaret

At Gallia County...(no birth dates given)
May 12 1844

Charles Carrol, son  of Daniel Quinn & Catherine Hass...Sponsors were Francis Holmes & Sophia Sprouse

Aloysius William, son  of Michael Bauer (?) & Cath. Wilson...Sponsors were John Carr &
Catherine Doran

Caroline, daughter of Martin Sprouse  & Frances Pierce...Sponsors were Simon & Bridget Doran

Henry, son of Martin Sprouse & Mary McLinn...Sponsors were Francis Holmes & Catherine Doran

Father Emmanuel Thienpont baptized as follows at
"Wilkesville, the Minerton Mission":  (Birth dates were not given)

July 13...
John, son of Benedict Mare (?) and wife Anna Richcold (?)...Sponsors: Simon and Bridget Dolin

July 12...
Simon, son of Michael and Catherine Wilson. Sponsors:  Daniel Cooney & Sophia Sprant

July 14...
Anna Mary, daughter of Sebastian Swartzwilden & Barbara Findling...Sponsors:  James Sweeney.

Oct 18...
Joseph, son of Daniel Quinn &  Catherine Steigh...Sponsors: Daniel Cooney & Joanna Cooney.

Aug 12...
Wilhelm Hugh, son of John Keenan & Susanna Savage...Sponsors William & Marcella___.

Aug 12...
Mary Anna, daughter of Benedict Heg & Anna Mary Regvan (?)...Sponsors: John & Anna Hank.

June 9...
James, son of John Moore & Elizabeth Sprouse...Sponsors: John Hank & Elizabeth Quinn.

June 10...
Sara, daughter of William Burk & Sophia Sprouse...Sponsors: Barnabas Quinn &  Mary Sweeney.

June 10...
Sara Josephine, daughter of Aaron(?) McKinsey & Mary Helen Stout...Sponsors: William & Margaret Sweeney.

June 10...
Thomas & John & Sarah & Elizabeth, children of Richard Shelter & Joanna Moran...Sponsors: Peter Moran, James Dougherty, Anna Elizabeth Moran & Margaret Sweeney.

June 10..
.Richard Shelter & his wife...converts.

June 16...
Cecilia, daughter of  James Duffy & Helen McBride...Sponsors: Andrew Stanton &  Sara McKinsey

June 16...
Thomas Moran...convert

Father Michael Ahern administered the following Baptisms to those of
"Wilkesville, the Minerton Church"

Nov. 13 -
Mary Anna, daughter of James McCartney and Elizabeth Morgan McCartney, born Oct. 19, 1864, in Wilkesville Tp., Vinton Co. Sponsors: Richard McCartney and Anna McCartney.

Nov. 13 - Wilkesville, Vinton Co., Ohio.
Mary, daughter of Patrick Kelly and Anna Moran Kelly, born Oct. 26, 1864. Sponsors: John Doherty and Philomena Butt.

Jan. 17 - Latrobe Furnace, Vinton Co., Ohio.
James, son of Thomas Torphy and Mary McNamar Torpy, born Nov. 23, 1864, in Milton Tp., Jackson Co., Ohio. Sponsors: James Cunningham and Joan Reed.

Jan. 17 - Latrobe Furnace, Vinton Co., Ohio.
Mary Ann, daughter of Daniel O'Donnell and Anna Conahan O'Donnell, born Jan. 7, 1865, in Milton Tp., Jackson Co., Ohio. Sponsors: John O'Donnell and Katharine O'Donnell.

Jan. 17 - Latrobe Furnace, Vinton Co., Ohio.
Helen, daughter of Jeremiah Mahony and Mary Reardon Mahony, born Oct. 12, 1864, in Bloomfield Tp., Jackson Co. Sponsors: Daniel O'Donnell and Hannah O'Donnell.

Jan. 18 - Eagle Furnace, Vinton Co., Ohio. James Demetrius, son of William Reed and Anna
Haggerty Reed, born Jan. 16, 1865, in Clinton Tp., Vinton Co., Ohio. Sponsors: Thomas Meade and Mary Anna Ruddy.

Jan. 19 - Eagle Furnace, Vinton Co., Ohio.
Katharine Anna, daughter of Timothy Gerty and Mary Farrell Girty, born Dec. 14, 1864, in Clinton Tp., Vinton Co., Ohio. Sponsors: James Burns and Mary Gibbons.

Feb. 12 -
Ambrose Edward, son of James Redmond McKinsey and Sara McKinsey, born Jan. 16, 1865. Sponsors: James Stanton and Mary Stanton.

Feb. 12 -
Agnes Cecilia, daughter of James Redmond McKinsey and Sara McKinsey, born Feb. 8, 1857, in Wilkesville. Sponsors: James Stanton and Mary Stanton.

Feb. 12 -
William Henry, son of John Kruzkamp and Elizabeth Niemeyer Kruzkamp, born Dec. 13, 1864. Sponsors: William Butt and Philomena Butt.

Sept.23 -
Edward, son of Edward Simons and Helen Fagan Simons, born Sept. 18, 1865. Sponsors: John O'Brien and Mary Lawlor.

Sept.23 -
Mary, daughter of James Simons and Isabelle Sweeny Simons, born Sept. 14, 1865. Sponsors: James Lawlor and Mary McClury.

Aug. 26 - Wilkesville, Vinton Co., Ohio. Margaret, daughter of John McCartney and Katharine
McCartney, born July 13, 1866, in Wilkesville. Sponsors: Richard McCartney and Anna McClennan.

Aug. 26 -
Martin, son of James Donohue and Mary Donohue, born July 30, 1866, in Wilkesville Tp., Vinton Co., Ohio. Sponsors: Thomas Duffy and Anna McConnell.

Aug. 26 - Wilkesville,
Margaret, daughter of William Ring and Helen Whelan Ring, born Aug. 8, 1866, in Wilkesville Tp., Vinton Co., Ohio. Sponsors: Daniel Cooney and Joanne Cooney.

Aug. 26 -
Anna Mary, daughter of John McGovern and Katharine Keck McGovern, born Feb. 11, 1865, in Wilkesville Tp., Vinton Co., Ohio. Sponsors: George Keck and Mary Keck.

Aug. 26 -
Katharine, daughter of Bernard Quinn and Helen Murphy Quinn, born July 1866, in Wilkesville. Sponsors: Patrick Murphy and Kath. Quinn.
1)For the Minerton parish history see the BULLETIN for August, October, November and December, 1979, and January, February and March, 1980
(2)Vinton County was not formed until 1850. Until then Minerton was in Gallia Co.

* Should read Benedict Keck and Anna Maria Rachor - (ed note, Jim Keck)

Excerpt from Catholic Record Society Bulletin, p 509-512.