The Muraski Family
Andrew Muraski, with his second wife and four of    his five children came to the USA from
Poland  April 20, 1884.

    They came aboard the
Passenger Ship Gellert,
          captained by Capt. Ruhlersein.
   Andrew and his family were passenger #577.
       They entered the US at New York.
       This is the story of the descendantsof that  family.
  Children  of
Andrew Muraski Sr:

Karl Murawski   Abt 1864 - 1945
          Married Joanna Levandowski
Frank Muraski   1866 - 1939
          Married Anna Najimowski
          2nd wife Mary A.
Andrew Muraski Jr. 1868 - 1959
          Married Mary Ann Machowiak
Joseph F. Muraski
          Married Theodora A. Marks
Bertha Muraski
          Married Adelbert Najimowski
Andrew Muraski Jr. & Joseph F.Muraski
With Joseph's sons, Thomas and Frank
Karl Muraski
remained in Poland
Theodora & Joseph F Muraski,
  Son of Andrew Muraski Sr.Wedding photo
Muraski Winery
Lunn Road, Strongsville, Ohio
Joseph, Andrew Jr & Joseph's wife, Theodora
Joseph F. Muraski
Andrew Murask Jr
Andrew Muraski Sr and
daughter, Bertha
The Daugherty - Muraski Connection
             Wedding of Frank Muraski                              Wedding of Joseph Muraski
              and Florence Daugherty                                      and Mabel Daugherty