The SS Gellert
Passage From Hamburg > New York

The SS Gellert was built in 1874 by alexander & Sons Ltd., Linthouse, Glasgow
for the Deutsche Translantiche Dampfchiffarts-Gessellschaft. (Adler Line)

3,533 tons; 114,41 meters (375.4 feet) long x 12,20 meters (40 feet) broad;
1 funnel, 2 masts, iron construction, screw propulsion, service speed 13 knots.

Passenger accomodations: 90 first class...100 2nd class...800 3rd class passengers.

November 25, 1874...Launched
February 10, 1875...Certificate
made 2 voyages...Hamburg to New York

May 13, 1875...Taken over by the Hamburg American Line.
May 26, 1875...First voyage...Hamburg > Havre > New York
1881...rebuilt...two funnels
Oct 22, 1893...Caught fire in mid subdued.
November 1893...first voyage...Naples > New York
April 1894...last  voyage...Hamburg> New York
August 18,1894...last voyage...Naples > New York  ( 4 return voyages)
May 9, 1895...sold to Leider for Hamburg > Shanghai service
March 1897...sold; scrapped


Andrew Murask Sr and his family  came to the USA on this ship

Departed Hamburg...April 7, 1884
Arrived New York...April 20, 1884
All fares were paid in gold
First class aprox. $100
second class aprox. $80
third class aprox $30 (or less)

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