Helli - Luoma Family links

Helli-Luoma Family
Ironwood, Gogebic Co. Mi.
Our Family Roots
Mattson - Helli  and  Muraski - Daugherty
Daugherty-Hoctor Family
Minerton, Vinton Co. Ohio
Mattson-Sunie Family
Ironwood, Mi - Hurley Wi.
John Tassava Family...Ironwood, MI.
Information about the TASSAVA
family is included in the
MATTSON Database
Muraski-Marks Family
Strongsville, Ohio
Muraski family Links

This is the story of four families and their MANY descendants who immigrated to the USA.

Mattson.....from Finland > Gogebic Co., Mi >IronCo.,Wi
Helli.......from Finland  > Gogebic County, MIchigan

Muraski......from Poland > Wisconsin> Cuyahoga c., Oh
Daugherty......from Ireland > Vinton County, Ohio

Please check each Family's DATABASE to
learn much more about their history& the many branches of descendants.

Our UPDATED (July 2004)
are now available

Database MATTSON - HELLI  Families
Tossavainen - Tassava
Siniluoto - Suni
Luoma - Tyni
Äijälä - Alapiesa
Kari - Ylitalo

And all related families


Muraski - Daugherty Families

Doherty - Hoctor - Marks - Marek
Murphy - Moran - Molihan - McNellis
Shelton - Haggerty
Keck - Myers - Quinn - Tadych
And all related families

And all Related Families

Mattson (Siniluoto)Family Links

Siniluoto Farm Finland 2002
Our recent visit to Finland and meeting with family at the Siniluoto Farm where Albert Mattson was born.

Daugherty Family Links


             Minerton, Ohio

St. Mary's Cemetery
Marion, Ohio

   Gogebic Range City Directories 1892-1947
alphabetical listing of residents of Iron Co. Wisconsin and Gogebic Co. Michigan
This includes names, addresses, occupations and sometimes spouse and children