This is a newspaper photo of the town of Ironwood, Michigan...pretty much as it was when the Helli family first arrived there from Finland.
The children of John & Walborg Wilhelmiina

John G. Helli.....Married Maria S. Luoma
Manuel Helli.....Married Mary Sevila
Ida Helli.....Married Erick Luoma
Amanda Helli.....Married John Karvonen
Miina Helli.....Married Sam Kanto

A family photo of the  children of John Gustav & Wilhelmiina Helli...with  their spouses and children.... 1901
  Daughter Miina and her husband are not in the photo.
The John G. Helli Family  home & Farm
was located on Helli Road (now Sunset Rd.)
in Ironwood Township, Michigan.

The house was moved in 1938 for the US
Government "Resettlement" Project.

The house still stands on Slade Road in
Ironwood Township.
This is the John G. Helli Grocery & Meat Store.
It was located at 415 Pine Street, in the Norrie Location...Ironwood.
   The store was opened in 1902 by John G. Helli Jr. and operated by him until 1919, when he turned it over to his brother Manuel.
   The Helli family also lived at the Pine Street address until they moved to the farm in Ironwood  Township.
Weddiing Photo ... John  G Helli  & Maria S Luoma
The Helli Family in America
John Helli Sr.   1901