The Daugherty Family
Timothy Hoctor
Born... 1832 Ireland
Died ..1900
Minerton, Ohio
Mary Ellen Murphy:
Born...1839 Ireland
Married...Abt 1857
  John Daugherty
   Born...abt 1820  Ireland
Died Bet. 1885-1890
Minerton, Ohio
Elizabeth Moran
Born ...abt 1833
Daugherty & Hoctor Families
Children of John Daugherty
& Elizabeth Moran:

Thomas Daugherty
     Married Sarah Moran

Catherine Daugherty

Patrick Daugherty

Michael Daugherty

Daniel Daugherty
      Married Sahar Hoctor

Bridget Daugherty             
Children of Timothy Hoctor
& Mary Ellen Murphy:

Bridget Hoctor
     Married John Donahue

Mary Ann Hoctor
     Married Andrew J. Hagerty

Henry Hoctor
     Married Martha Daugherty

Julia Catherine Hoctor
     Married Purdue Thomas Lucas

Mary Ellen Hoctor

Sarah Hoctor
   Married Daniel Daugherty

Timothy Jacob Hoctor
     Married Elizabeth Armbruster
Daniel Daugherty married
Sarah Hoctor
September 22,  1891
Minerton, Ohio
Children of Daniel & Sarah Daugherty

Edward L. Daugherty ...  April 3, 1892
Florence Marie Daugherty...  January 28 1894
Mary (Mayme) Daugherty...   January 22, 1895
Frank H. Daugherty...   January 12, 1898
Joseph Daugherty...   February 17, 1901
Anna  Loretta Daugherty...   April 28, 1903
Leonard Daugherty...   March 24, 1905
Thomas T. Daugherty...   March 7, 1907
Phillip Anthony Daugherty...   June 10, 1909
Mabel Agnes Daugherty...   March 9, 1912
Clarence Daugherty...   May 20, 1914
Sarah Hoctor
Wedding of Frank Muraski
& Florence Daugherty
Wedding of Joseph Muraski
& Mabel Daugherty
See Muraski Family pages
Edward Daugherty and wife Ella